D.e.e.L's Writing and Subtle Outbursts of Insanity

"I write all day long, some kind of addiction I guess. Please don't send me to rehab." - D.e.e.L

Sitting down to Write-By: D.e.e.L

How do most people get into their “writing groove”? Do you have to be sitting in the red chair that your mom used to sit in? Does the perfect cup of coffee have to be placed in front of you? Drugs?…just asking. Writing is a state of mind, a place untouched by the physical world. I exist in this world more often than the world of everyone else’s lives. People consider me weird, odd, another word meaning the same thing. This physical world is boring as hell, I’d much rather be at the mercy of the battery life on my laptop, or enjoying the simple smile a fresh pen creates when I put it to the pages of a notebook. Writing is something I have to do; only those that also write can truly understand. Every second not being spent creating something feels like a waste, which is why I’m sitting down to write.